Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard for accrediting health care organizations worldwide still only has six Philippine hospitals in its prestigious list. Of the 6, 3 are using systems from the same MeRx Team who helped design and create the systems that support and promote quality patient care and safety.

MeRx = Hospital Information + Clinical System


MeRx features the same reliable design technology that has helped hospitals like The Medical City secure accreditation from JCI for surpassing standards set to ensure delivery of quality care and promote sound organization process.
Traditionally managed separately, MeRx fully-integrates both administrative and clinical applications centered on a single patient database not only to provide comprehensive information to help clinicians make better treatment decisions but also better manage hospital population at any given time.


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“Data clearly suggest that hospitals at a high level on the EMRAM model are more likely to demonstrate top performance on both how patients are cared for through clinical measures and how the hospital performs as an efficient business.”
- HIMSS Report

With MeRx, we can help you capture and utilize clinical data in relation to operational expense.

*EMRAM ranks hospitals based on their progress in creating a paperless patient record environment and helps identify best practice scenarios. More than prestige, by advancing through the stages, patients and clinicians will all benefit from better clinical connectivity across the venues of care. As a result, the progress of leading hospitals with regard to IT implementation can be publicly recognized.

Stay Ahead of the Healthcare Technology Curve with MeRx

With rapid changes in healthcare delivery comes the threat of systems becoming obsolete. Mitigate cost and burden of being overrun by ever-advancing innovations by investing in a standards-based, industry-recognized, next-generation technology now.


Standards are building blocks of innovation that lead to increased interaction, improving information access and reduce integration costs. MeRx commits to standards-based approach to technology and as a system is designed to support an exchange infrastructure that conforms to standards that facilitate sharing of health information (HL7) in a secure manner (HIPAA).


The benefits of implementing a fully-integrated hospital information system (HIS) can be enormous. Choosing a modular HIS like MeRx allows healthcare organizations to start reaping real benefits from the units that have been automated, even as they continue to integrate other departments. Being able to show quantifiable benefits early in the implementation process can help hospital IT administrators make a compelling case for instituting an HIS.

Scalable Web-framework

Web frameworks allow for rapid development and flexibility and support deployments requiring shortest possible time which in turn are passed as savings for clients. Well-architected for scalability and redundancy and built using Enterprise Java, MeRx is proven to perform well under increasing volumes of load whether as a result of user growth or increased usage sparing the client from unnecessary disruptive system issues.

Responsive Support and Training

Success doesn’t end with system implementation and requires sufficient training and support for both users and IT support staff to fully realize the promise of having a hospital management system. From readiness assessment to service and maintenance agreements, a dedicated team will be tasked to look after your needs and help ensure that the system will always be ready for use and in optimized condition.


A Fully-integrated System Like MeRx Helps Hospitals Empower Clinicians Towards Improving Quality Outcomes That Increase Market Share Resulting in Increased Profitability

Investing in technology is a key strategy for hospitals to more easily connect with physicians, payors and the community and to gather data necessary for improving quality. MeRx enable hospitals to capture metrics relating to the practice and outcomes of the delivery of care to identify areas that need improvement and track progress. Furthermore, MeRx can help hospitals to easily advance to other resources such as decision support tools and computerized provider order entry help physicians improve quality and avoid medical errors.

Integrated healthcare solutions are tied to interoperability, which is the ability of multiple data systems to communicate with each other and share data. This technology is the backbone of a new model of care where multiple providers share patient data, reduce errors, minimize hospital visits, and focus on the patient’s overall health and wellness.

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