"LabMerge will help you manage your workflows in single or multi-site settings and enhance efficiency across multiple lab stations with a cutting-edge yet simple to use laboratory order and results management solution"

Mission-control for multiple lab integration systems


Laboratory and diagnostic clinics thrive on efficiency and precision. The less manual intervention there is, the lower the risk of costly errors which can be fatal for patients. LabMerge provides a single point from which to manage the entire laboratory workflow - from lab orders to results management.
LabMerge's built-in billing module and payment system allows laboratories and diagnostic centers to monitor all their transactions more accurately. It also provides its users with a ready-made reports generation tool to analyze data results and equips the owners with realtime clinic information to aid business research.



Simple Means No Installation!

New laboratories can take advantage of LabMerge’s cloud-based installation to save on the hassle of buying expensive IT equipment. Clinics will be billed on a *per transaction basis and still take advantage of all system functions to efficiently run laboratory operations.

Keeping the Patient in the Loop

LabMerge: A Patient-Centric System

In order for the healthcare industry to move toward preventive care and population health management, clinical information needs to flow freely across networks and between hospitals and physicians. For this reason, having a a patient-centric system, should help foster care collaboration among all providers.

  • With LabMerge, a physician can create a lab order through an electronic medical record
  • All lab orders and results are consolidated in one patient record thereby ensuring comprehensive patient health information
  • Built using industry standards, LabMerge can be integrated to existing hospital systems

One Patient, One Record

A patient record serves many purposes but its primary function is to plan for patient care and provide for continuity in information about a patient’s medical treatment. Integrating lab results into the patient record not only supports the continuity of care but also allows diagnostic clinics to easily track patient progress across different departments and even multiple settings.


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Automated Queuing
From ordering to results, LabMerge automates the whole laboratory process via a single command dashboard that is fully-integrated to other users within the system.


Reports and Basic Analytics
With it's built-in reports module, LabMerge allows designated users to easily display and print various clinical and business data that provide valuable analytics.



Full Revenue Cycle
LabMerge incorporates a billing and inventory module to help you track payments and clinic items to better monitor business operations


Advanced, Risk-free Technology
Compared to outdated legacy systems, LabMerge will remain compatible with new technologies for future systems integrations and modular upgrades instead of costly overhauls.




Pricing Options : Transaction and Transmission

LabMerge has two affordable pricing options for laboratory and diagnostic clinics.
These options are dependent upon usage which keeps business owners from paying huge upfront costs.


Transactions refer to results that are manually encoded.


Transmissions are outputs that come as a result of full machine integrations.

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