Enabling Connected Healthcare

Our mission is to create world-class technology solutions that connect and empower healthcare stakeholders to deliver superior care that result in better patient outcomes and healthier lives.


Because integrated clinical information help save time, cost & lives.

CONNECTING HOSPITAL AND CARE FACILITIES allow patient information be made available to providers (and patients) as needed. This ensures quicker access to valuable information at all times, provides a more complete picture of a patient regardless of previous medical engagements done somewhere else.


Integrated technology that blends EMR with hospital systems ensure care efficacy

Medcurial offers a next generation fully-integrated hospital informations system, a web-based electronic medical records system for doctors and a laboratory information system currently being used by top Philippine hospitals designed to support an integrated healthcare system future- where each patient has one complete record.


Bridging the operational and clinical using proven, well-architected systems

Standards-based, modular and built using web framework, our systems have been proven to scale to meet the needs of a single practitioner and/or run the Philippines' top-tier hospitals.


Team of leading medical informaticists and experienced software engineers

With roots coming out of Exist Software which was established in 2001, Medcurial is composed of the same team that has built an extensive reputation as hospital healthcare technology systems integrators and working with clients to create custom hospital and clinical information systems including a mobile-based community health exchange network.