Patient records contain a wealth of information. It's just difficult to appreciate when it's all papers and folders.

Health care experts agree that bringing medical records and prescriptions out of an era of paper charts into the computer age would make healthcare not only more efficient, save on time and money, reduce medical errors, but most importantly save patient lives.

Healthcare services spend less than 1/10th what banks and other industries spend on technology investments to create better information flow and cross-boundary collaboration.
As an example, a clinic or a hospital can easily develop better patient information management that gives better control over the dissemination of patient data and expediting decision- making.

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Simple-to-use, secure,cloud-based electronic medical records and clinic management system.



Medcurial makes it easy to record, edit and access all the important patient data you need. Prescribe medications, print prescriptions, medical certificates as well as create reports.



It's a fully-functional EMR and Practice Management system in one. Create appointments, manage your schedules and track your clinic revenues with the built-in billing system.



Sign up and login using your favorite device - desktop, laptop and even iPads or Android tablets and you're good to go. No need to worry or pay for any special hardware to run Medcurial.



Wherever there's internet, you can use Medcurial to access and edit your clinic records. It's like taking your clinic practice with you all the time.


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Let Medcurial assume the burden of handling the complexity of running the application and protecting your files safe so you can concentrate on what you do best - providing care for the patient.

Safer Than Your Hard Drive

At Medcurial, we use a variety of security measures to protect your data. From secure socket transport layers, to enterprise class cloud-protection and file encryptions. We create regular backups and deploy failover mechanisms to keep your data protected.

And just in case your laptop or device breaks down or gets lost, there's no need to panic about your data (can't say the same about your device) as everything will still be there waiting for your next login.

"As busy physicians, we needed a digital system that is easy to learn and use. Medcurial was and is the answer."

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